This is a price guide, meant to give you an idea of rough prices. If you are interested in commissioning Monster Cult Makers, please contact me at for an official price quote.

All prices are in USD. You must be 18 or older to commission MCM.

FullSuit - Digitigrade

Duct tape dummy required!

A fullsuit with padded leggies.


Standard Partial

A standard partial comes with the usual. Head, handpaws and tail.


Fullsuit - Plantigrade

Duct tape dummy required!

A fullsuit with no extra padding.


Fursuit Head

Just the head! Built of upholstery foam, lined inside, 3D following eyes standard.


Deluxe Partial

A deluxe partial comes with all the bits. Head, handpaws, footpaws, tail and sleeves.


Other Parts

Want something else? I can make hand paws, indoor feet paws, tails and other stuff!


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